about: Meet your maker

I build custom guitars and more.  Some are my own designs and others are designed by the client themselves.  What makes me different than other guitar builders is my preference to build exactly what the client has in his or her head.  Many guitar builders build their version of a Strat or Les Paul.  Others may have a couple designs of their own and let the client choose from a list of pre-determined woods, finishes and pick-up/wiring schemes.   What I like to do is let the client design the entire guitar.  They design the body shape, the headstock shape, the type of woods used, the tuners, the bridge, the wiring scheme, the pick-ups - every component is completely up to them.  Of course, I will give them advice and recommendations along the way, but they are completely in control of the build.  

I want to create their dream guitar, not someone else’s idea of what that might be.

Godfather Guitars Founder & Builder, Butch Bland