When Koa brought us his Dad’s 1987 12-string Ovation he was devastated. You know its bad when the client starts the conversation with, “You probably can’t save it but…” His father had the guitar ever since he could remember.  They performed at weddings and Luau’s together and his Dad always played the Ovation.   Koa had an emotional attachment to it.   Well the story goes his Dad let his Uncle borrow it and that was the last time anyone saw and its been a couple years.  Then one day the family finds it and evidently Uncle either “accidentally” stepped on it or maybe hit someone with it or got angry with it…its unclear to this day what really happened.  But when we opened the case it looked like it took a very hard hit to the sound board.  It was cracked in several places and caved it about a ¼”.  Long story short, how could we turn Koa away?  Of course we got Humpty Dumpty back together again.  And a huge shout out to the fantastic folks at Ovation for setting us up with a new perfect match rosette.

Now Koa and his Dad are back out on the local wedding and Luau circuit and life is good once again.