Mission of the godfather Model ’60 Triton

When we decided to launch Godfather Guitars we knew we needed to come out big and bold and make a statement.  We decided that the very first product offering needed to demonstrate what we are capable of building.  We wanted an example of what a Family Heirloom instrument would look like in our family at an extreme level using the best materials available.  We think we accomplished something pretty special with the Triton.  It exemplifies our artistry, our craftsmanship, our passion and pursuit of perfection both esthetically and sonically.


First Product Release & Serial Number #001

Price: $16,000.00

Front Angled 2.jpg


The Triton was built to be unique.   So when it came to choosing the right pickups, there was no better choice than a set of TV Jones Filter’tron Style pickups .  And we decided to “Stray” from the norm and go with their Brian Setzer Signature series which sound amazing.  We then married them with a six position Free-Way switch that provides the standard 3 settings, plus serial, serial-out-of phase and parallel-out-of-phase.  There are independent front & back pick-up volume controls with a master tone control.  This set up gives you complete control over the mix between front and back pick-ups to help you dial in the exact sound that is in your head.  Adding to the punch list of unique appointments is the Babicz Full Contact Bridge.  In our opinion this is the best bridge design out there.  Providing superior sustain, comfort for palm muting and completely independent string action and intonation adjustability.

Close-up of F-holes.jpg

Form & function

Form and Function…all done the old fashion way, by hand.  That’s right, no CNC machines in our shop.  Our unique take of the F-hole brings beauty and the function of semi-hollow body tone to life.  This complex shape was carved completely by hand demonstrating our artistry and craftsmanship.

Fretboard close-up.jpg


The Model ’60 Triton’s fretboard is a gorgeous display of skillful craftsmanship. The copper wrapped abalone fret markers and abalone purfling compliment the exquisite Quilted Maple fretboard beautifully.  The highly polished bullet-end Stainless Steel Frets are the perfect finishing touch and a dream to play on…and last a very long time!


The Details

Its all in the details.  Like how the Mother-of-Pearl nut is hand cut to integrate with the Koa wood binding and not interrupt the flow.  And how the Koa wood and Abalone bindings continue to flow down the complex curve into the headstock.  And notice there is no truss rod hole or plate.  That brings added strength to this critical part of the neck.  And speaking of strength, imbedded in the neck are two Carbon Fiber neck rods for added stability, along with a Bi-Directional Truss rod for complete control over the neck.



The back of the Model ’60 Triton is just as gorgeous as the front.  The color has been described as “looks like the ocean”, “reptilian”, even that of a “mermaid’s tail.”  We simply call it Ocean808 and it is stunning…so deep you could swim in it.

Back & Neck angle.jpg


On the back you won’t find any cutouts or string ferrules or anything else. Only a magnificent example of 5A Grade Quilted Maple.  The Flamed Maple neck is accented with an elegant Curly Koa binding.  The Semi-hollow body core is Swamp Ash that delivers great tone and is extremely light weight with the Triton weighing in at 7.4lbs.

Back Necl Joint Close-up.jpg


The set-neck style neck joint features our unique “Wide-Glide” design.  The joint is wider and runs deeper.  Think of it as hybrid between a through neck style and a standard set-neck style.  The result is excellent sustain and balanced tone. The joint is beautifully carved and integrated into the body to deliver maximum comfort, playability and beauty.




  • Construction  Semi-Hollow

  • Top Wood  Carved 5A Quilted Maple

  • Body Core Wood  Swamp Ash

  • Back Wood  5A Quilted Maple


  • Number of Frets  22

  • Scale Length  24 9/16”

  • Neck Wood  Flamed Maple

  • Neck Shape  Soft D

  • Fretboard Wood  5A Quilted Maple

  • Fretboard Inlay  Copper & Abalone

  • Fretboard Binding  Curly Koa

  • Fretboard Purfling  Abalone

  • Fretboard Radius  9.5”

  • Nut Material  Mother-of-Pearl


  • Bridge  Babicz Full Contact

  • Tuners  GOTOH


  • Neck Pickup  TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature

  • Bridge Pickup  TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature

  • Controls  Neck Volume, Bridge Volume, Master Tone (concentric contol)

  • Switching  FreeWay 6 Position Toggle

    • 1 | Bridge Pickup only 

    • 2 | Both Neck & Bridge Pickups in Parallel

    • 3 | Neck Pickup only

    • 4 | Both Neck & Bridge Pickups is Series

    • 5 | Both Neck & Bridge pickups, Out-of-Phase Serial

    • 6 | Both pickups, Out-of-Phase Parallel