strat MOD

Here is one of our favorite modifications.  When Kevin came to us, he originally wanted us to build him a custom guitar.  But when he said he wanted it to look and feel just like his current Strat, we knew there was a better answer and a much less costly solution. 


what didn’t you like?

We asked Kevin what he didn’t like about his current guitar and after some discussion we suggested “why don’t we simply install the pickups you want and move the controls to the exact positions your prefer?” 

And with that our favorite Strat Mod was born.  Look closely at the picture and compare the position of the switch, volume and tone knobs.  Now Kevin doesn’t accidentally hit the switch or volume knob when he is strumming aggressively. 


P90 bridge position & Humbucker in the neck position

He also has a push/pull pot that puts the pickups out-of-phase and sounds CRAZY COOL.