The blank “canvas” is yours. 

We are here to build not just a custom guitar, but one that will become a treasured family heirloom.  An instrument to be enjoyed and passed down for generations to play and enjoy.  We take your vision and your design and then build it to your exact specifications, taking you on the journey every step of the process.

This is your creation.  That means you get to make all the decisions.  We are here to help you steer clear of any problems, but you get to make all the final decisions regarding your creation.  That includes your own body shape design, headstock shape design, selection of the various woods, all the hardware, the type & size of fret wire, all the electronics, the type and brand of pick-ups and of course the color and type of finish.   We really do mean everything, the canvas is a clean sheet wide open to your imagination.

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry we can help as much as you like in the design, that’s your decision too.

So what is the price? Well, that depends on several things and the short answer is, we don’t yet know.  Don’t worry though, just click the “CREATE YOURS HERE” link below to begin and receive a free initial quote after you submit your form.  A final firm quote is provided after the initial consultation call is completed.