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Like our designs?  You can still customize it.

The Model ‘6O Triton is our Flagship Top of the Line guitar that we designed to make a statement.  But that isn’t really our mission.

Our mission is to help you create your own masterpiece, your own dream guitar, your own family heirloom.  So with that in mind, we do offer the Model ’60 body shape as a starting point.  And from there you can get as creative as you like or as basic as you like. 

For that reason we won’t list a set of specifications or a set of predetermined options to choose from.  Instead we provide you with a pre-build checklist where you can tell us exactly what you want.

We understand that sometimes budget can make the choices for us. So we try to give you a tool where you can play a bit of “what if” and build a guitar that’s within your budget.

Just click the “CREATE YOUR MODEL ‘6O HERE” link below to get started and submit. We will then send you an email to schedule a free initial consultation to work through the details of your design and answer any questions you might have.